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The Pathak College Of Education   We are fully dedicated and geared up to the cause of preparing and producing high quality teachers in our pursuit for schools, to the service of nation and society at large. We are to prepare well equipped, technically sound and methodologically efficient teachers for teaching in secondary and higher secondary stages of schools, implementing internship programme under the guidance of their college Supervisors and co-operative school teachers. We are to offer an all round training i.e. mental, physical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual, offering various kinds of extended co-curricular activities throughout the session. We are to provide opportunity for gaining experience with the community. We are promised to expose the student teachers to effective teaching through different methods and techniques.  

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The education system has gone through a drastic change to offer quality education to every student. It is our earnest urge to educate the mass and uplift society. The Indian education system is a successor of the traditional education system. from the ancient Vedic period to the present era of globalization, it has played an important role. Presently our society is changing passing through many changes. When our society is subjected to intolerance and barbarism, then we find value education is the only way to save our society. On one hand, we are conducting lunar expeditions like Chandrayan-II but on the other hand, after 70 years of independence, our literacy rate is limited to 70.04% only. Hence the improvement of the overall education system is required. So, I wish that the young generation i.e. the backbone of our nation becomes educated with the help of teachers. 

- Mr. Amit Pathak


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